Auchindrain Archaeology 2015

One of the interesting things about walling is the variety of environments you will be working in. You could be repairing or creating working farm walls, building a bridge, creating a artistic focus in a community project or you could be working beside archaeologists as they discover an archaeological record consisting of artifacts, architecture, biofacts or ecofacts, and cultural landscapes.


In 2015, The West of Scotland Dry Stone Walling Association again visted Auchindrain Museum at Inverary to rebuild what was left of an outbuilding that had been allocated a role in the township. Again our established walling reputation gave the Auchindrain trustees the confidence to entrust the rebuild to us.


We spent the weekend re-building with the material on the site, noting the existing features and replicating the building techniques from ages past. However, one wall was compromised by a very large tree that had been growing there slowly for (we estimate) a 100 years. It was too big to remove the tree that weekend!  A sub-team spent the next few weeks travelling to Auchindrain to help remove the tree and rebuild that section of wall.


When they managed to get to root level the team (including the archaeologists) were astounded to find some unusual stones and powder that looked like ash.  There had been a fireplace in that section of the wall!  This created doubt in the assigned allocates role of that building - meaning the the original town plan might have to change.  A small discovery like this can rock the world on an archaeological site!  The rebuild was slowed down so the roots could be removed carefully to extract any other information and objects contained in the area.


Just another facet to our craft!   (Please clink on each of the photos below to see the detail)