Historic Barn Rebuild

The West of Scotland Dry Stone Walling Association gained a feather in our walling cap. We received an invitation from Auchindrain Museum at Inverary to rebuild a three hundred year old dry stone barn in the township. The barn is a listed building and as such came under the strict historic governance of both the Museum staff and Historic Scotland. Our established walling reputation gave both agencies the confidence to entrust the build to us.


The first work was to consolidate and stabilize the foundations of the barn which had been dislodged over the centuries and particularly during a storm forty years ago when the roof blew off.


During the build  we were one of the principal attractions in a weekend of folk activities staged at Auchindrain. On the Sunday, the Duke of Argyll and the Provost of Argyll & Bute visited our site and helped lay a foundation stone in one of the walls of the barn. Our work continued the following year to finish the barn walls to roof height and restore the barn to its former glory, maintaining the historic integrity of the building in the same style and craft of the original builders.