The Moongate was built with 8 tons of stone, using a single wooden former to keep the shape during construction, again no mortar or cement was used. The structure was held in place by the careful shaping and positioning of the stone on the arch and the weight of the dry stone supports on either side of the gate.


The moongate was part of the display for the Bicentenary of the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society, and was awarded a Gold Medal.


In 2013 the community of Callander leased a cleared site in the middle of the town to be used as a Friendship Garden.  A plan was drawn up that included a drystone feature.  Town volunteers booked on one of our courses and learnt how to build a drystone wall. Over a weekend, led by members of the WSDSWA, the volunteers built the wall as a backbone to the new garden.

Callander Community Friendship Garden

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